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PSPA has worked with over 35 government departments and divisions. We can provide technical assistance and training at any stage of the development of your performance measurement system. This includes selecting new, or assessing existing measures, and developing a system for tracking, reporting and utilizing the measurement data in decision-making.


Performance Measures/Development of KPIs

Having relevant measures (also known as Key Performance Indicators, KPIs) is having indicators that accurately reflect the results of work carried out by your organization, and in a broader sense, management’s success, or failure, in fulfilling the mission.


PSPA’s experts work with your managers and staff to identify KPIs that accurately reflect the efforts and accomplishments of their business units. We ensure that the measures are aligned with the organization’s strategic plan, and are based on organizational mission, goals and objectives, critical success factors, and customer needs. PSPA leverages its extensive database of common service area measures used by governments throughout the country to recommend suitable KPIs.

Performance Measurement Systems Implementation

We help management decide on the performance tracking method and frequency with which the results are reported.

With today’s technology it is easier than ever to track performance measure results against established targets and effectively report the results through graphics, text or management dashboards. PSPA is familiar with many tracking and reporting products that are available to government today and we can use that experience to help you objectively assess different systems to select one that fits your needs, or work with your team to develop an easy-to-use system.

Performance Data Reliability

PSPA’s certified auditors can conduct ad hoc or annual certification audits on the reliability of one or more of your organization’s key performance indicators. PSPA can also train your internal auditors on a process to conduct data reliability audits. These audits can be conducted on an ad-hoc basis or as part of regularly scheduled performance audits. PSPA can also train your program managers on how to conduct a structured self-assessment review for ascertaining the reliability of their performance measurement data. As a result of the training and practice sessions your program managers will have the tools they need to replicate the self-assessment process on an ongoing basis.

Performance Measurement/Performance Management Training

PSPA professionals are qualified trainers on various performance measurement topics. Our training courses have been delivered to many different professional groups including members of The Institute of Internal Auditors, Association of Government Accountants and the Associations of Local Government Auditors. Through this type of training, managers will learn how to develop mechanisms to track performance over time, flag performance problems and identify the cause of inadequate performance. Managers can also learn to use performance data to develop improvement strategies and make informed decisions. This is accomplished by analyzing performance reports to identify root causes and opportunities for process redesign and allocation or reallocation of existing resources.

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