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Through outsourced, co-sourced or temporary staffing arrangements, PSPA helps organizations secure independent assurance that risk management, governance, and key internal control processes are operating effectively and are in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.


  • Compliance/Regulatory Audits 

  • Fraud Prevention and Fraud Audits 

  • Quality Assessment Reviews (QARs) 

  • Governance Reviews  

  • Internal Audit Outsourcing, Co-Sourcing and Temporary Staffing 

Compliance/Regulatory Audits and Assessments

PSPA helps organizations meet legal and policy requirements created by federal or state statute or local requirements. Through a compliance/regulatory assessment, we evaluate the organization's compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures and provisions of contracts or grant agreements. PSPA professionals have conducted compliance audits for numerous public sector programs, divisions and departments.

Fraud Audits and Prevention

A fraud audit is a detailed examination of the financial records of an organization with the intent of finding instances of theft or misappropriation. If management or governance suspect fraud, PSPA’s specialists are available to conduct a fraud audit and help the organization determine the monetary damages.


Although certain instances demand a fraud audit, we believe that the best investment to make is in developing strong internal control policies and procedures, to create an environment to deter fraud. We are available to consult and perform analyses to help you prevent fraud and ensure that strong internal controls are in place across your organization. In addition, we can train management to analyze processes and recognize risks conducive to fraud.

Quality Assessment Reviews (QARs)

According to the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) all Internal Audit practices should undergo a Quality Assessment Review (QAR) every three to five years. As part of the of the quality review we evaluate whether the organization uses tools that help keep it focused on its purpose such as governing documents, policies and procedures, and processes for measuring organizational outcomes and effectiveness. PSPA professionals are familiar with the IIA framework and experienced in the performance of quality reviews.

Governance Reviews

While nearly all of the provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act bill apply only to publicly traded corporations, many nonprofit leaders have voluntarily adopted particular Sarbanes-Oxley provisions to ensure effective governance of their organizations. With our extensive knowledge of the principles for good governance, PSPA is equipped to review your board’s activities and make recommendations to enhance board practices and principles. We also assess whether there is independence and clarity of purpose/roles/responsibilities, the right mix of board members, and if board member strengths and time are well utilized.

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